M01 and Starcraft 2

I ❤ SC2. I ❤ TheCore. I ❤ M01.

This article is an attempt to bring best of TheCore and the M01 together.

The Core

The Core is a Jakatak initiative to offer better shortcut layout for SC2, it uses a bunch of ergonomics and efficiency principles to do so.

Their discord server has a welcomming community and is a great place to get started if you are lost after visiting the google drive.

Writing these lines, TheCore has its 6th version incubating, all of the following is heavilly inspired by The Core 6.

Adapting The Core

The Core is suited for classic keyboards, although it advertise a very specific usage of it. In its right handed version, you will be using the right part of the keyboard with your left hand. It is great for gaining space for your mouse and to have modifiers keys under your thumb. It also advise tilting the keyboard in order to compensate the staggered layout.

Figure 1: Illustration of keyboard tilting

Figure 1: Illustration of keyboard tilting

Unfortunatly, it cannot be used as is with the M01 as the keyboard itself fixes the issues adressed by The Core specific usage of a classic keyboard.

We will be using the left side of the M01. translating the keybindings of The Core.

Figure 2: The Model 01 keyboard

Figure 2: The Model 01 keyboard

The keybindings

We will be using two layers. First being the main one, second being a layer when fn key is pressed (referenced by the ShiftTo 7)

Figure 3: Main layer mapping

Figure 3: Main layer mapping

Figure 4: Layer 7 mapping (accessed through ShiftTo 7)

Figure 4: Layer 7 mapping (accessed through ShiftTo 7)

You will probably notice some peculiar things on the key definitions. Some deserves an explanation:

Camera location

Table 1: Bindings of camera location
Key Bound to
4 Go to camera location #1
3 Go to camera location #2
2 Go to camera location #3
1 Go to camera location #4
alt + 4 Create camera location #1
alt + 3 Create camera location #2
alt + 2 Create camera location #3
alt + 1 Create camera location #4
ctrl + alt Center camera on selection

Camera location are pretty straightforward.

The only special thing is the Center camera on selection, with the second layer configuration, it allows you pressing on fn + ctrl + # to center on selection and define camera location at the same time, useful when creating camera location for one of your base.

Control groups

Keys a, w, e, d, pgup, pgdn are dedicated to control groups. Example with first control group:

Table 2: Bindings of control group
Key Bound to
a Select control group 1
ctrl + a Add/Steal to control group 1
ctrl + maj + a Create/Steal to control group 1
x Create/Steal to control group 10
ctrl + x Select control group 10

Again, pretty straightforward.

Although, if you refer to the second layer above, you may have seen that you can use fn key in place of ctrl, it is especially easier to do so when you want to Create/Steal on a control group.

You cannot, however, use fn keys for control group e and d as it is reserved to the wasd like navigation. I prefer it this way although you may differ.

Control group bound on x is the trash control group.


Commands are bound to all the red keys as shown in the first layout image. Nothing special about it, it mimicks the layout of The Core 6 as close as possible. The most different binding would be the borrow/unborrow which are respectively bound to t and q.

Download the SC2Hotkey file and limitations

You will find the SC2Hotkey file I use here.

Apart of classic multiplayer, bindings are left undone, you will have to rebind alot of keys if you are playing coop or campaign for example.

I probably overlooked alot of things, if you want me to detail, leave a comment.

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