❄ Backup to cold storage with BTRFS ❄

Btrfs has default mechanism of backup’ing with send/receive. However, we do not control the receiving end… Especially with an external storage provider.

Yubikey, gpg, ssh and WSL2 - using win-gpg-agent

Recently changed my setup for integration between gpg, ssh and WSL2. Here is a sum up.

netcat to 👀 peep HTTP: gotchas

Using netcat tool to proxy http request can be challenging. Let’s get into details of different problems you can encounter.

Docker-compose to podman

I migrated my services from docker-compose files to podman. Here is how.

Linux GUI application on windows: WSL2 and VcXsrv configuration

It is now quite easy to use X application from WSL2 linux distribution. Let’s review how.

Yubikey, gpg, ssh and WSL2

Using a smartcard to hold your GPG key can be great. Personnaly, I use a Yubikey. Although, by default, you cannot use any device from WSL2, including your smartcard.

To circumvent this issue, I came across several articles treating this topic. Here is what worked for me and a summarized how-to.

Keyboard.io M01 and Starcraft 2

I ❤ SC2. I ❤ TheCore. I ❤ M01.

This article is an attempt to bring best of TheCore and the M01 together.

Async await through C#: a tricky pitfall explained and some advice for beginners

Wether you are new to the async await construct or not, it is easy to mess up with asynchronicity.

Here you will see a common gotcha with links to resources if you want to dig up on the topic.

Keyboard.io M01: customizations for managing windows

An efficient way to manage windows in… Windows!